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Posted by Terry Gatewood on March 25, 2008

I Kind of overlooked this and as I was looking through some comments I found it!

Chris at Catnip Corner Passed this award on to me. I am honored to receive this – Never have been given an award for my writing!

And to Chris…I apologize for not getting to it sooner. Please forgive!

So, now I can say, “This Blog Is Rated “E” For Excellent!”

Thanks, Chris!


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Possible Set-Up In Dallas?

Posted by Terry Gatewood on February 25, 2008

There is some strange and disturbing news coming out of Dallas. On Wednesday, February 20th, Presidential candidate Barak Obama visited Reunion Arena in the the city while campaigning for the upcoming primary.

About 90 minutes before the start of the event, the protection detail from the Dallas Police Department was ordered by the U.S. Secret Service to stand down and stop checking people for weapons. This is really suspicious considering we have a man who, if elected president, would be the first black man in the oval office. In my experience, it would seem necessary to double the security for Mr. Obama at all venues.

My personal opinion is this: If Barak Obama were to be elected President, I dare say there would at least be an attempt on his life, if not an actual assassination, within the first year of his term. He would be the biggest presidential target in the history of the United States.

I’m am real curious who gave the order and why it was given. The only explanation given was that it seemed to be a “Friendly crowd”. The only logical conclusion one could come up with is that there is, and everyone knows how much I hate this word, a conspiracy to have Obama eliminated. The only question would be this: Is it politically motivated?

There is a trail of death in the Clinton’s rise to power and we all know that former President Bill Clinton still wields much influence in the political arena. Could it possibly be that since Hillary is behind the 8 ball, there was some influence asserted to make this completely asinine decision to stand down?

Just some food for thought.

You can get more information from HERE and HERE.

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The Hillary Express: Derailing At A Debate Near You!

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 29, 2008

As the campaigns for the Democratic nomination heat up – and to some extent fall apart, I am starting to see some things that I like, dislike, and fear coming from the presidential nominees.

The Hillary Express seems to be derailing and, after months of a groundswell of support, everyone in Washington seems to be abandoning ship. In my opinion, this is probably the best thing that can happen to America. I mean, who wants to live in the old U.S.S.A.? Hillary’s policies are socialist in nature, to put it mildly, and would lead this country to government-run everything. For a fine example of government-run institutions, just take a look at Canadian and, most importantly, British health care.

And who can we thank for Hillary’s train wreck?

Well, Bill of course.

The former president just can’t stand by and watch his wife run for president and not put in his two cents worth. The problem with Bill is his two cents aren’t enough to feed the meter anymore. Time after time within the last month, he has either put his foot in his mouth or just flat out made an ass out of himself.

Senator Ted Kennedy, who is about as far left as you can get without Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Murtha thrown in the mix, has pulled his support for the Clinton camp and is now rallying for the Obama campaign.

Ted has been Hillary and Bill’s biggest cheerleader since 1992. He has shown unwaivering support for the Clinton agenda from the beginning, going to bat on everything Bill wanted as president, as well as Hillary’s senatorial run. If you are a democrat in Washington, you couldn’t ask for anyone better to watch your back. The problem is, you piss-off a Kennedy and you’re screwed.

Everyone knows that Bill and Hillary don’t get along. Their’s is a marriage of convenience, a way to political power. Now that Bill has gone wayward with his mouth, you will see Hillary implode, and when she finally loses it it will be a lot of fun to watch.


Bumper sticker courtesy of Neal Boortz !

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Indoor Plumbing

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 26, 2008


Here is a story my dad related to me when I was younger, regarding his attempt to get my grandfather to have indoor plumbing installed back during the Great Depression. They lived on a farm somewhere around Rolla, Missouri, far from the comforts of modern living. Someone told me a few years ago that they had heard the same story told from another person, so it sounds like lore. My dad was a great storyteller and like other great storytellers, probably mixed fact and fiction for maximum effect. Anyway, it is still hilarious and worth sharing…

The family had taken a trip to one of the larger towns near Rolla and my dad, Curtis, came across his first indoor toilet. He was amazed that all you had to do was pull a chain and WHOOSH! The waste went down into a little hole and was gone. He thought it was the greatest thing he had ever seen, a true engineering marvel.

On their way back to the farm all he could think about was the commode he had seen. He questioned my Grandfather about it; How did it work, where did the water come from, where did it go, etc. My Grandfather explained it to him, but cautioned him against wishing for one. It was the depression and they were poor. Besides, the ol’ outhouse worked just fine for what they needed it for.

Months passed by and though there were things to do to keep him busy, my dad still dreamed of having an indoor toilet. He thought if they could just get one, his family would be the envy of everyone around.

Eventually, winter came with its cold and snow. It was pure torture to go take care of business with snow, wind and cold. The outhouse was situated next to the creek that ran through the property about a hundred feet away from the house. My dad explained that if you had to “Go number two”, it meant getting dressed, walking all they way out to the crapper, dropping your drawers and sitting down, hoping against frostbite on your butt cheeks.

Well, one night the weather was particularly bad, with heavy winds and snow. He could hear the wind howling through the tree and see the branches swaying back and forth, making it look like the whole tree would come falling down at any moment.

Then it hit him.

What would happen if the wind blew the outhouse over and into the creek? Without old reliable, would his dad be willing to finally get an indoor toilet?

The thought was tantalizing.

He decided at about four in the morning he would go out and push the outhouse into the creek, thus ending the misery once and for all.

He got dressed, put on his coat and trudged through the snow to the old outhouse. Finding suitable footing, he put both hands against the side and pushed for everything he was worth. All of a sudden it tilted and over it went, down the hill and into the creek with a mighty splash.

My dad then ran back to the house, got undressed and quickly crawled under the blankets and quilt. As he warmed up, he couldn’t help but think about that new toilet and the luxury of going to the pot inside the warm house. He also thought of the envy of the other kids in his school when they found out that the Barton farm had indoor facilities.

All of a sudden he heard the back door open and footsteps coming toward his room. In the dark doorway stood my Grandfather. As he reached over to get a lantern, he asked my dad, “Curtis, did you push the outhouse over into the creek?”.

As much as he wanted to stick to his plan and blame it on the wind, he just couldn’t bring himself to lie to his father.

“Yes sir, I did”

After a long pause, my Grandfather lit the lantern and my dad could see that he was soaked head to toe.

“Curtis,” my Grandfather said, “Go and get my belt”

A lump the size of a baseball formed in my dad’s throat.

“But daddy, I told you the truth!”

“Doesn’t matter, boy. You knocked the damned outhouse into the creek. How in the hell are we gonna go to the bathroom until I build another one? Go get my belt, NOW!”

“But daddy, I told the truth. George Washington didn’t get punished when he told the truth after chopping down the cherry tree!”


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Where’s Waldo?

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 23, 2008


Well, NASA has found him…On Mars!

Read article here

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The Black Patch

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 23, 2008


Take a look at the patch below the U.S. flag…Enough said!

(Yeah, I know it’s been photoshopped, but what the hell…)

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Another News Failure: Why We Never Hear These Stories

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 22, 2008

Weapons Cache Found In Columbia Professors Home

Here’s another story that, amazingly, has flown under the radar of the national media.

The intelligence and terrorism news website, National Terror Alert, reported on Sunday that police found an arsenal of weapons at the Brooklyn Heights home of Michael Clatts, a medical anthropologist and professor at Columbia University.

You can read the story in its entirety HERE.

I have ranted against this type of non-reporting for quite awhile, and I understand to a certain extent why these stories aren’t covered by the national news outlets.

Reason number one is that the FBI are or may be involved in the investigation.

Anytime the FBI investigates a possible terror related incident, it seems to be swept under the rug. Sometimes, this is necessary to carry out an investigation and to keep leads from drying up and actors disappearing. Usually when the lead agent and other law enforcement officials are tight lipped, this is the case.

However, when the FBI basically explains it away as not terror related or a “lone wolf” actor, they are in essence saying, “Well, it may be terror related but we’re not going to tell you that”.

Reason number two, and I think this is the real culprit in non-reporting, is the fear of offending – AKA Political Correctness.

As I’ve said before, political correctness will be the downfall of our culture, a culture that used to treasure individuality. Along with our culture so goes our national security. When you have the lead law enforcement agency in the United States bowing to the whims of PC elitists and activist groups, it serves us no good purpose.

You will rarely see the FBI tie acts or attempted acts of terror to Muslims. They will tap dance their way around the subject so as not to offend or stir the pot. An excellent example of this is the Joel Hinrichs case at the University of Oklahoma.

Let me guess: You’ve Never heard of Joel Hinrichs.

Don’t feel bad, neither has the majority of people in this country. You probably also didn’t know that Hinrichs detonated a suicide bomb, although prematurely, outside of the football stadium at the University of Oklahoma during a football game.

A basic synopsis of the case goes like this: Mr. Hinrichs was attempting to enter the University of Oklahoma football game on October 1, 2005. Somehow, he prematurely detonated his backpack bomb, with the key ingredient being Triacetone Triperoxide, or TATP. This is a particularly nasty substance, more volatile than C-4 (C-4 is the plastic explosive used by the U.S. military). It was also discovered that Mr. Hinrichs was a muslim convert and attended a local mosque.

Once the FBI got involved, everything relating to Islam and Islamic terror was explained away. Ever heard of Swamp Gas?

If you would like to learn more about this, do a Google Search on Joel Hinrichs.

The average person in the United States has no idea how many possible terror attacks are stopped each year. You can thank the media for this. Suspicious activity happens all the time, and a lot of it has the earmarks of terror planning. I can give you a very long list of incidents that received no national attention whatsoever, and that is just in the last four years.

We live in a culture of “Here no evil, see no evil”. If we don’t know what’s going on, everything must be just peachy with our national security, right? So far, our intelligence and counter-terrorism groups have done an outstanding, if not amazing job, of finding the threats and stopping them. But the string will end, and when it does it’s going to be bad.

The funny and ironic thing about reporting news is this: We may not always know what the terrorists are doing, but we sure as hell know what Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan are doing at all times.

Maybe we should put the tabloids and paparazzi in charge of counter-terrorism. At least we would know what is going on all the time.

If you would like a list of incidents, email me at buckeyecop2@yahoo.com

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Argo The Wonder Clutz

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 22, 2008


Following closely (Actually, I would call it tailgating) on my last post, I thought I would pass along just how I came across Argo.

It was a rainy Saturday night at work in July, and I had just finished rolling on three intense calls almost back to back. Following up on my last call, I was on my way to the hospital on the east side of Columbus to check on the injuries of a victim of a pretty bad assault (M.C.E. to those who are familiar with my neck of the woods). They guy got beat up pretty bad and had a badly broken jaw, some teeth missing, and a head swollen to the size of what looked like a watermelon. Just before leaving my area I was dispatched to check on two dogs wandering in the street.

I arrived in the area and immediately found the two dogs, a Siberian Husky and a large German Shepherd, wandering around in a subdivision. I have encountered more loose dogs than I can remember, and only three or four actually trusted me enough to get into the back of my cruiser. After much coaxing, I got these two into the car and immediately realized that they had encountered a skunk somewhere along their journey.

Skunk smells bad enough, but you put it on a wet dog and the odor is hideous.

Once in the car, The odor was quite intense. It was a twenty-five minute drive to Lancaster, the closest place I could drop them off at almost four in the morning, and I must say that although it was a very, very long drive, my sinuses have never been more clear…

The Humane Society in Lancaster is the place to take wayward dogs. There is no one there at that time of the morning, but they have a kennel in the back you can put them in until the warden arrives. We call it “Doggy Jail”.

As always, I followed up on Monday morning just to let the clerk at the Humane Society know what area they came from in case the owners called. While speaking to her I learned that the they, as well as the shelter next door, were at capacity and couldn’t keep the dogs long, meaning they were going to be put down rather quickly. I gave the clerk my number and told her to call if no one claimed the dogs.

Wednesday rolled around and I hadn’t heard anything, so I decided to call.

I spoke to the clerk and she told me that a lady had called about them and when she was told it was $85.00 per dog to get them out, she said she would have to talk to her husband. That was Monday afternoon and they both were scheduled to be put to sleep later that afternoon. The lady never called back.

I am no stranger to rescue. I had rescued a number of Shepherds, trained them and adopted them out, so I told the clerk I would be back that afternoon for the dogs. She said she would hold them for me.

I called my wife and told her, and she immediately called a Husky rescue near our house to get the other dog. We went in that afternoon and got Argo. We loaded him into the Jeep and off we went, skunk smell and all.

We got him home and introduced him to our female, Sasha. I always do the introductions when we bring an orphan home as Sasha is extremely territorial and distrusts any other dog that comes around. They sniffed each other’s butts, circled and stared. Everything seemed to go pretty good for about one minute and thirty seconds. Then Sasha attacked, immediately pinning Argo to the floor by his throat. And that was it. Sasha held on for about a half minute and let go. Argo showed no sign of aggression toward her whatsoever. That is Sasha’s way of saying “Welcome. I am the boss”.

We soon realized that although Argo was about a year old, he wasn’t potty trained. About a half hour after the episode with Sasha, Argo proceeded to mark his territory in the living room. I corrected him and took him outside so he could learn proper potty etiquette. We were out for about twenty minutes and came back inside.

I no sooner than went to the kitchen to look for something to eat and Argo took a dump in the hallway between the living room and the kitchen. It was the largest pile of poop I had ever seen, except for maybe an elephant’s pile.

This went on for awhile. He had no idea he wasn’t supposed to poop and pee in the house. We would just be sitting on the couch watching TV, and he would wake up, walk around for a few minutes, and stoop and poop right in front of us. No shame whatsoever.

We’ve had Argo for almost six months now and he has turned out to be a fantastic dog. It took about a month to get him on the right track with his potty habits and he is doing great. That is good news for our carpet shampooer.

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Gone With The Wind…

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 22, 2008


I love my dogs. Most of the time, anyway.

I have two German Shepherds, Sasha and Argo, and they are great dogs. They are both rescues and I couldn’t ask for anything more than they give me. I found out quite a while ago that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get a quality dog. When you pay five-hundred dollars, your just buying papers. If you are interested in bloodlines, that’s okay with me. It’s your money.

Sasha is a female (Of course), and she is of East German lines. The East Germans generally distinguish themselves by their build, usually being shorter, stockier and their nose is more blunt and squared. She has the classic black muzzle and black saddle with a hint of blue. Sasha is the protector of the house, and she lets passers-by know where her turf ends. She would give her life for our family.

Argo, on the other hand, is about as American as you can get with a Shepherd. He is gray and black with a hint of tan, has a mixed saddle and muzzle, and a nose that only Pinocchio could love. He is also rather large, to the tune of about 135 lbs. Now, when people come knockin’, he probably sounds like Satan incarnate, but would probably stand aside while Sasha eliminates the threat.

Due to his large stature, Argo tends to be clumsy at times. He trips over his own feet, runs into door jambs, and is constantly tangling himself up in his lead on walks. He is the Dick VanDyke of the canine world.

Argo’s biggest problem, though, is his intestinal distress.

I have rehabilitated many dogs, mostly Shepherds, and I have yet to find one that can match Argo’s farting prowess! He can out-fart most humans, and in the dog world he is the champion of the air biscuit. Certainly, there must be some kind of award for that, an award that would declare him ‘Grand Champion of Flatulance’.

I know, all dogs fart. If they didn’t they would explode for sure. But most release what you would call S.B.D.’s, sneaky popcorn style farts that are invisible to the human eye, detected only by infra-red goggles. Argo, on the other hand, blasts his menace at a rather loud decibel, alerting everyone within earshot that green death creepeth, and it creepeth quickly!

As I sit here and type away, he has passed gas four times. And Sasha? Well, she is upstairs hiding not from the stink but the pain it inflicts on her ears. Argo must be dual-toned, emitting blasts in the frequency ranges for humans as well as dogs.

Monkee, I think you’ve met your match.

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Another Reason I Hate Political Correctness

Posted by Terry Gatewood on January 18, 2008

At least it’s not as bad here as it is in Britain, but we’re on the slippery slopes, folks.

Recently, Radio talk pioneer Bob Grant was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by Radio And Record – an industry magazine. Mr. Grant is on the, lets say, conservative side in his views, and the liberals in the industry threw a fit. He has rubbed libs wrong for a very, very long time and now they see it as time for payback. In a nutshell, they rescinded the award.

Neal Boortz blogged about it in his “Nealz Nuze” segment of his website and, as usual, he let Radio And Records have it. You can link to it here.

Also…In Alaska, a thirteen year old girl has been arrested for ” Touching boys over their clothes”.

Uh Huh…

Now see, this is the kind of do-good bullshit that is turning the United States into one of the worst places to live anymore. What’s next, the “Thought Police”? It’s already happening in Britain and Canada, and it’s on its way here.

And the sad part? Some people think it’s okay, and most just don’t either care or pay attention. The last time I checked, the Constitution gave us freedom OF speech, not freedom FROM speech. Just wait until Hillary gets elected. It will get worse.

Oh, and on a funny note…I just got a Hillary bumber sticker. It says “Run Hillary Run”. I put it on the front of my car.

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